Quick decisions and a say at eye level through new meeting formats

No further objections? Then we have a new role.

Jana R. sensed a tension*. Due to the changed requirements of a major customer, there was an overlap between the scope of her role and the scope of another role – at the same time, other tasks were added which would exceed the previous workload. She addressed this tension in a circle meeting with the concrete proposal to form a new role. EFS moderated the meeting, set up the agenda, prioritized the topics and checked whether concerns of the team members were valid objections and whether the proposal should have been adjusted as a consequence. The discussions were focused, everyone had the chance to actively participate and concerns were considered. After only 30 minutes a new role was created, which is now being performed by Bianca.  

The roles now operate more efficiently again, Jana herself can now focus on her core tasks and has made another valuable contribution to the continuous development of the organization by releasing the tension. 

— Efficiency in action 



*In the holocratic form of self-organization, the word “tension” means a perceived difference between the actual and the target state, regardless of whether it refers, for example, to the operative business, relationships between roles or the organization. This perceived potential must be used to take the next small step towards the continuous development of the organization by releasing the tension.  

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