EFS Consulting

We enhance margin by reducing costs and optimizing the pricing position.

Cost, Price, Margin


We create transparency and cost awareness that persist.

  • Cost Analysis and identification of relevant cost drivers
  • Showback & Reporting to empower Cost Optimizations
  • Creating Cost-Awareness on all organizational levels

Cost- & Price-Targets

Managing the core profitability levers.

  • Cost Estimation and Planning activities
  • Blueprints, Design Guidelines
  • Active Pricing Management on product, feature and functional level.​

Cost Optimization

The suitable set of measures for sustainable cost reduction.

  • Identification, evaluation and decision of ideas for cost optimization secured
  • Working process for continuous cost work
  • Create community to exchange best practices across teams and allow benchmarking

Financial Processes & Planning

We ensure cost effectiveness.

  • Cost, Liquidity & Funding
  • Accounting and cost allocation
  • Incentivise cost efficient behavior
Felix Meizner, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Felix Meizer

Wolfgang Buschan, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Wolfgang Buschan

Thomas Verhounig, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Thomas Verhounig

Christian Schaupp CEO EFS Consulting

Christian Schaupp

Tibor Löderer EFS Consulting

Tibor Löderer

Georg Groh, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Georg Groh

Pedro Dias, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Pedro Dias

Stefan Willminger, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Stefan Willminger