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Team Framechangers von EFS Consulting

A holistic approach to develop resilient organizations.

Culture, Organization & Strategy


We consciously shape corporate culture and sustainable relationships with you.

  • Identity and cooperation
  • Communication and transparency
  • Values as a basis – congruence in action


We anchor meaning, relationship and effectiveness in your structures.

  • Organizational and procedural structures – from classic to New Work
  • Effective stages and meeting formats
  • Leadership, decision-making and control principles


We sharpen your corporate mission and translate it into powerful action.

  • Vision – goal definition – implementation
  • Dealing with stakeholders
  • Congruence of sub-systems (culture, organization, infrastructure)


We strengthen your top management in change intelligence and future viability.

  • Leadership team accompaniment
  • Leadership development
  • Self-leadership and resilience

Framechangers™ accompany leaders and teams on their development journey. As systemic-dialogical companions, the team works on successful relationships, culture, and communication.

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Stefanie FieberSenior Expert

Stefanie Fieber-Grandits

Liliana Simon

Georg Groh, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Georg Groh

Jürgen Leitner, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Jürgen Leitner

Maximilian Mrstik, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Maximilian Mrstik

Christian Schaupp CEO EFS Consulting

Christian Schaupp

Günther Kolar-Schandlbauer, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Günther Kolar-Schandlbauer

Wolfgang Buschan, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Wolfgang Buschan

Tibor Loederer, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Tibor Löderer

Roman Benedetto, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Roman Benedetto

Truls Thorstensen CEO EFS Consulting

Truls Thorstensen

Felix Meizner, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Felix Meizer

Jochen Schreiber, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Jochen Schreiber

Thomas Verhounig, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Thomas Verhounig

Stefan Willminger, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Stefan Willminger

Gregor Schuh, Engagement Manager bei EFS Consulting

Gregor Schuh