EFS Consulting

We create Modular Platforms and manage their Complexity over Lifecycle.

Platform Creation & Lifecycle Management

Modul- & Platform Creation

You will receive module / platform specification ready to upload to your BoM System including:

  • Model Types
  • Feature Planning
  • Product Structure & Variant planning

Governance & Tools

We will install a powerful & lean cross-functional organization for platform management

  • Effective & Transparent KPI-Set
  • Efficient Processes and Planning Tools
  • In-house team, trained on the job

Commercial Feasibility

We will prepare a comprehensive insight on your platforms’ commercial feasibility as major input to your business case:

  • Volume prediction down to parts level
  • Development, Material & Tooling cost planning
  • Sourcing & Implementation planning

Lifecycle Portfolio-Management

We will focus your product portfolio on balancing what your customer is willing to pay for and both improving market share and revenues

  • Searching for the “Golden Nuggets”
  • Streamlining Product Portfolio


Thomas Verhounig, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Thomas Verhounig

Stefan Willminger, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Stefan Willminger

Christian Schaupp CEO EFS Consulting

Christian Schaupp

Georg Groh, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Georg Groh

Truls Thorstensen CEO EFS Consulting

Truls Thorstensen

Roman Benedetto, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Roman Benedetto

Tibor Loederer, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Tibor Löderer

Wolfgang Buschan, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Wolfgang Buschan

Pedro Dias, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Pedro Dias

Gregor Schuh, Engagement Manager bei EFS Consulting

Gregor Schuh