EFS Consulting

We create competitive advantage by implementing robust and efficient strategies & operations – globally and locally.

Supply Chain, Production & Quality

Supply Chain Solutions

Green- or Brownfield – We design and optimize your supply chain network.

  • Forecast-based strategies
  • Integrated logistics concepts
  • Effective operationalization

Crisis & Recovery

We quickly stabilize crisis situations and sustainably position your company for the future.

  • Interdisciplinary task force solutions
  • Stable supply/delivery capability and quality
  • Future viable business continuity

Operations Excellence

We achieve the maximum productivity in line with the highest level of quality.

  • Lean processes and structures (operational & administrative)
  • Productivity and efficiency increase
  • Audit-compliant products/processes


We create transparency and efficiency in your organization through digitalization.

  • Big data analyses
  • Ready-to-use customized tool solutions
  • KPI-based control systems

Maximilian Mrstik

Recep Öz

Jochen Schreiber, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Jochen Schreiber

Thomas Verhounig, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Thomas Verhounig

Georg Groh, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Georg Groh

Felix Meizner, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Felix Meizer

Gregor Schuh, Engagement Manager bei EFS Consulting

Gregor Schuh

Liliana Simon