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From Market segmentation, product positioning to volume planning. With our customers we successfully develop products.

Product Planning

Target of Product Planning is to

  • Increase market coverage
  • Achieve higher configurability
  • Offer competitive features
  • Place competitive prices
  • Increase the market share
  • Push sales volumes

In this area we support our customers with

  • Market segmentation
  • Key buying criteria
  • Product positioning in comparison to competitors
  • Base type definition
  • Feature planning
  • Volume planning
  • Base Veh. & Feature pricing

From Market to Product Portfolio

Accurate sales input as the most crucial ingredient for a successful platform.

Which inputs do we need from sales planning to create a successful platform?

Base Type Portfolio

  • Which basic vehicles do we want to build?
  • What is their main specification?

Feature List

  • Which features do we want to offer to the customers?
  • Which is standard equipment, which is optional?

Vehicle Configuration

  • What is the configuration of a typical vehicle
    – in the entry segment
    – in the volume segment
    – in the premium segment

Volume and Price Planning

  • What volumes are planned for each base type, each feature?
  • What prices can be achieved by each base type, each feature?


Thomas Verhounig, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Thomas Verhounig

Christian Schaupp CEO EFS Consulting

Christian Schaupp

Truls Thorstensen CEO EFS Consulting

Truls Thorstensen

Stefan Willminger, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Stefan Willminger

Georg Groh, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Georg Groh

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Jürgen Leitner

Roman Benedetto, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Roman Benedetto

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Tibor Löderer

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Wolfgang Buschan

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Günther Kolar-Schandlbauer

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Pedro Dias