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The globalization of markets comes with new opportunities for companies. We provide insight and support in the field of product compliance & Open-Source-Software compliance.

Compliance & Legal

We provide you with insight and accompany you in the area of product compliance & Open-Source-Software compliance.

In a global economy, it is crucial to bring products to markets worldwide, while taking into account the respective country-specific legal requirements. Only then business activity in compliance with the law can be ensured. 

The variety of legal requirements covers a wide range of aspects that affect every product, from radio regulations to product labelling and chemical and material compliance regulations to recycling management and more. In addition, the requirements for product conformity are becoming increasingly complex due to country- and market-specific differences in regulations as well as relevant regulations from other areas such as critical raw materials or cyber security. 

Compliance plays an enormously important role not only for material products but also for software.  It is a crucial aspect of OpenSourceSoftware (OSS) usage and development to have a OSS-compliance-system implemented ensuring the compliant and secure use of OpenSourceSoftware. Therefore, policies and guidelines need to be established and implemented within organizations. 

Our ambition: to offer clarity and to accompany you on the way to product conformity. 

With more than 25 years of consulting experience in the automotive industry as well as many years of experience in various other industries, we have extensive know-how in the area of regulatory compliance, especially product compliance. Our international team of experts with multilingual competence combines cross-industry legal expertise with the necessary knowledge on processes and tools to ensure full compliance. 

Our competencies: 

  • Comprehensive understanding of the law 
  • Conceptual and procedural expertise 
  • Practical experience in the implementation of legal requirements 

We value close cooperation with our customers on a partnership basis. Together, we face global challenges and support you with any questions on the topic of product compliance, enabling you to focus on your core business. 

Contact us on a non-binding basis if you are interested in an initial consultation or if you have questions about product compliance, material/chemical compliance, technical trade barriers, product approvals, product certifications and alike. 


Services & Solutions 

We provide customized services and solutions related to global product compliance. Our team of experts at EFS Consulting uses extensive legal knowledge as a basis to address both strategic and operational challenges on issues related to product regulations, technical standards, import restrictions, product certifications, product labelling and much more.  

We accompany our customers in overcoming global challenges and consistently ensure the marketability of the products in the target markets. With our experience in a wide range of industries, we incorporate extensive know-how into our individual problem solutions.  


Our customized solutions in the area of product compliance and automotive regulatory at a glance

Identification & Monitoring of Regulations

The timely identification of new regulations and regulatory requirements worldwide is important to ensure appropriate implementation in the organization.

Interpretation & Analysis of Legal Requirements

The ability to communicate effectively with national authorities to clarify open points is often necessary to clarify company- or product-specific details.

Market Fit Check

When launching a new product in international markets, regular gap analyses help anticipate and avoid potential violations in advance.

Knowledge Management

A broad understanding of regulations and potential risks throughout the company is essential to operate successfully in different markets.

Market Support & Trouble Shooting

When supplying international markets, unexpected situations often arise: Our international team meets these challenges with in-depth expertise and extensive operational experience.

Governance & Culture

The growing legal challenges from various markets and product requirements are forcing companies to address these organizationally and culturally.

Legislative Implementation

Recognizing and understanding new regulations is only the first step to success. It is crucial which steps the company needs to take to implement the laws and regulations.

Management of Proofs of Conformity

Companies that deal with a large number of products (such as automotive manufacturers) often face the challenge of efficiently managing the innumerable proofs of conformity.

Open-Source-Software Compliance

OSS Compliance System aims to minimize risks form potential incompliance and to use all advantages of OSS in the long term.


We are your Partners for Product Compliance 

 Our mission is to stand by your side in the complex world of product compliance. With our many years of experience, a broad network of experts and innovative solutions, we can help you bring your products to market worldwide in compliance with the law. Confidentiality, discretion and efficiency are our top principles in this process. 

 Please feel free to contact us for a non-binding initial consultation or to clarify any questions regarding product approvals, import restrictions, certifications, etc. 

 EFS Consulting – Your partner for product compliance and global marketability. 



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