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To meet the challenges of a complex world openly and successfully, agility is an effective, sustainable solution.

Agility is the key to success.

To meet the challenges of a complex world openly and successfully, agility is an effective, sustainable solution.

Agility means reacting quickly to change and adapting adequately. Agility is to be understood as a process supported by the corporate culture. If agility is authentically lived in companies, it can be felt in a variety of aspects and the resulting success can be measured effectively.

Lived agility means among other things:

  • high innovative power, being able to react quickly to changing requirements and remaining capable of acting in uncertain, complex situations.
  • Establishing a business model in which continuous development is an intrinsic desire.
  • communicate effectively and work together as a motivated team.
  • interact cross-functionally, give room to creativity and start something new.
  • focus on relevant tasks, achieve goals and learn from mistakes.
  • introduce new products and services faster and easier.

Our mindset – Respect, courage, focus, openness and commitment. In the agile transformation as well as in our daily actions, we are guided by the agile values. They are the basis for continuous change and development. We at EFS live this mindset internally and in our interaction with our customers.

Our focus – Agility requires a good interaction between “corporate culture, process and product”.

Agile methods will only be successful and effectively anchored in the long run if processes, the focus on the product, the corporate structure and the underlying corporate culture are holistically considered in this Change.

  • Corporate Culture

Agility is a product of a successful corporate culture. It arises from consciously designed opportunities for appreciative and inspiring encounters. The potential of people and the organisation is promoted through trust which allows conflicts and mistakes to be used transparently as an opportunity for learning. The cooperation and performance of teams are strengthened by their firms and managers in the best possible way through the agile environment.

  • Process

The ability of the organisation to adapt continuously – i.e. to act agilely – is the sum of the abilities of all employees. The know-how is built up and made available where it is needed at any particular time.

Within the organization, agile processes are aligned with the “Value Stream” and are lived through a common role model. The processes form the guidelines for a fast flow of information, independent action and enable decentralized decision-making.

  • Product

Creating inspiring products and experiences which are developed in close cooperation with consumers is a goal of agility. Adaptable products allow for late changes as well as the continuous integration of new or additional features. The product vision reflects the current market situation and the ensuing customer needs.

EFS Agility Check

The EFS Agility Check considers the dimensions culture – process – product equally and thus creates a common understanding of the status quo agility.

Agile Remote Work

The agile values serve agile teams as orientation, especially in setups that require remote work – regardless of spatial or technical design and the capabilities of the corporation.


BizDevOps is a mindset characterized by agile core values and shared responsibility. We create added value in cross-functional cooperation through our holistic approach.

Agile Contracting

Creating fair & flexible contracts. We know the challenges related to agile projects in complex environments and accompany contract design and agile tender processes.