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Cooperation between business, development, security and operations for maximum business value and minimum internal friction losses.


Cooperation between business, development security and operations

In organizations, conflicting business objectives, feature development, application operations and security requirements can often cause conflicts. Connecting DevOps (development and operations) to business (BizDevOps) and security (DevSecOps) unites these areas to pursue a common vision and achieve maximum business value with minimal internal conflict. The BizDevSecOps approach makes it possible to collaborate more effective.

How does BizDevSecOps work?

BizDevSecOps is based on a culture of cooperation and mutual appreciation, standardization and automation of processes, optimization of the workflow, quantitative and qualitative collection of technical and business-relevant KPIs, as well as the ability to easily restore functionality in problem situations.  All participants work together towards a common goal: the creation of products and services that bring maximum benefit to customers while contributing their different skills and perspectives.

Important elements of BizDevSecOps:

  • Shared vision and strategy: Everyone involved must understand and support the shared vision and strategy.
  • Transparent communication: Openness and honesty are important to avoid misunderstandings and build trust.
  • Continuous collaboration: Teams across business, development, security and operations work together continuously to solve problems and encourage improvements.
  • Shared responsibility: Everyone involved is jointly responsible for success.

BizDevSecOps is an important approach to overcoming the challenges of the modern IT world. Companies that successfully implement BizDevSecOps can strengthen their competitiveness and be successful in the long term.

Goals in the development of applications

  • Creating maximum value for the organization (business)
  • Make new functions available as quickly as possible (development)
  • Ensuring a stable, high-performance application (operation)
  • Data security and protection against attacks (security)

These different goals can lead to tensions and conflicts if they are not coordinated effectively. Functional silos in companies in which the business, development, operations and security departments do not work together intensify these problems. Therefore, to achieve successful application development, a common focus and collaboration between all stakeholders is necessary.

The expansion stages of cooperation

DevOps: Development & Operations

Without a common goal and vision, the efforts of development and operations are usually at odds. Development strives to deliver the latest features as frequently as possible, while operations aims to ensure stable operations with minimal errors and failures.

DevOps is an approach that unites these two areas together to pursue a common vision and achieve the following benefits:

  • Improved collaboration: Shared goals and overarching prioritization foster collaboration between development, operations, and other teams.
  • Automated processes: Automation of routine tasks and CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) minimize human error and accelerate the delivery of new features.
  • Increased reliability: Automated tests and regular deployments ensure greater reliability and stability of the application.
  • Minimize human error: by automating routine tasks
  • Faster time to market: Automation enables more frequent releases. This means that new functions can be made available to the market more quickly.

DevOps is also the fundamental basis for further expansion stages of the cooperation between DevSecOps and BizDevOps.


BizDevOps: Business and DevOps

DevOps teams without a direct link to the business run the risk of becoming a mere “feature factory”. They may deliver new functionalities quickly and stably, but without prioritization and feedback from the business, there is a risk that a lot of time and resources will be invested in features that do not bring any direct benefit to the company.

BizDevOps integrates the business into the DevOps process, creating the following benefits:

  • Focus on value to the business: The value of the project to the business is at the center of all activities.
  • Minimization of undesirable developments: Clear prioritization and short feedback loops minimize undesirable developments.
  • Clear prioritization: Topics are clearly prioritized through a central backlog.
  • Increased efficiency: Frictional losses and costs are reduced by bundling tasks and responsibilities in cross-functional teams from development and operations and by promoting close cooperation.
  • Rapid learning: Insights from operations flow directly into further development.
  • Shared responsibility: Everyone involved takes joint responsibility for the success of the project.

BizDevOps focuses on the value for the company and optimizes the flow of information between business and DevOps. This gives the business a transparent overview of the progress of the project and allows it to provide feedback at an early stage. At the same time, the DevOps teams are familiarized with the business goals and requirements and can therefore develop in a more targeted manner.

Security in DevSecOps und BizDevSecOps

Safety requirements must be considered and planned from the very beginning. If not, you risk discovering security flaws at a later stage, which can only be corrected with considerable effort and additional costs.

Advantages of integrated security

DevSecOps and BizDevSecOps integrate security into the development process right from the start and offer the following advantages:

  • Common understanding: All parties involved have a common understanding of security requirements and their priority.
  • Clear priorities: Security requirements are evaluated and prioritized by the company.
  • Security right from the start: Security aspects are considered right from the beginning of development.
  • Improved cooperation: Cooperation between development, security and operations is encouraged and coordinated.
  • Joint approach: Developers, security experts and operations staff work closely together to identify security vulnerabilities, implement security measures and monitor applications.
  • Reduced misunderstandings: Misunderstandings and communication problems are minimized.
  • Knowledge exchange: Teams support each other, share their knowledge and learn from each other.
  • Comprehensive security strategy: A comprehensive security strategy is developed and implemented.
  • Improved security efficiency: More efficient and effective security practices better protect applications and minimize the risk of security incidents.

EFS security experts in the BizDevSecOps environment

Secure DevSecOps and BizDevSecOps solutions are the cornerstone for comprehensive protection and trust in your development processes. We take a holistic approach that focuses on security right from the feature planning stage.

With many years of experience and diverse expertise, EFS Consulting actively acts in BizDevSecOps roles, such as security expert or business analyst, and facilitator of the model.

The experienced EFS experts provide support to ensure maximum security and compliance:

  • Integration of security requirements: Ensuring that security requirements are incorporated into feature planning right from the start.
  • Security training: Conducting training for all project stakeholders to raise awareness of security issues.
  • Security concept review: Evaluate your security concepts and identify areas for improvement.
  • Vulnerability management: Identifying and tracking the remediation of vulnerabilities in your applications.
  • Compliance audits: Review and documentation of compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.


BizDevSecOps is an important approach to overcoming the challenges of the modern IT world. Companies that successfully implement BizDevSecOps can strengthen their competitiveness and be successful in the long term.

EFS Consulting can support companies in the implementation of BizDevSecOps. Services include audits, workshops, training and consulting to help companies successfully implement BizDevSecOps in their organization.

Contact EFS Consulting today to learn more about how EFS can help you successfully implement BizDevSecOps in your organization.




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