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The EFS Agility Check considers the dimensions culture – process – product equally and thus creates a common understanding of the status quo agility.

EFS Agility Check

Companies are supported in living agility holistically and authentically for the organization and it’s employees.

What does agility mean for the organization, the processes and the technical implementation?

How is the cultural network currently structured in terms of core values, visible behavior and conducive stages of collaboration?

With the understanding that agility and agile working can also exist apart from methods such as SCRUM and Holacracy, the EFS Agility Check also brings existing agile processes, techniques and cultural components to the fore.

Central questions on the three dimensions are always analyzed with regard to practiced agility.

EFS Agility Check: the holistic view

After a joint kick-off and an environment analysis, the agile understanding of the relevant actors and organizational unit or product team is determined in personal interviews. Based on this, potentials are identified in the agility report and reflected in a team closing workshop.

The result of the EFS Agility Check is a location assessment in the form of an agility report. The check shows in which areas the company is already agile, which foundation can be built upon and where possible potentials lie. EFS Consulting sees itself as a sparring partner and contributes best practice experience to derive recommendations for action.


Bernhard Schreiner, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Bernhard Schreiner

Jürgen Leitner, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Jürgen Leitner

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