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Tools such as Jira, Azure DevOps and more can provide the necessary framework and know-how to master the challenges of the complex environment.

Agile Software Tools

In the age of rapid digitization, organizations need to react to ever-changing requirements. Agile approaches to reacting to those changes are essential in competing in this environment. This goes hand in hand with the corresponding software tools are needed to address the challenges proactively. EFS provides extensive know-how and the necessary framework conditions for implementing a state-of-the-art tooling landscape to help drive a successful agile transformation.

The EFS approach to working with Agile Software Tools

  • Intuitive, data-based & innovative: We select the optimal tools for your needs and design them to be intuitive and data-based.
  • Customized solutions: We offer individual solutions for companies, evaluate and analyse data and derive opportunities for innovation and improvement.
  • Shaping the agile tooling of tomorrow together: We work closely with our clients to shape the future of agile tooling, thus enabling a successful agile transformation.

EFS has the following consulting services for you

EFS has many years of experience with agile collaboration & project management tools. Methodical expertise guarantees an efficient and sustainable transformation process.

Quick Check

Evaluation of the current agile tool landscape and derivation of improvement measures

Implementation concepts

Evaluation of measures and derivation of smart recommendations for action


Customization of agile tools according to individual requirements and automation of processes


Promoting transparency through customizable reporting systems


Advantages for our clients

  • Sustainable agile transformation: EFS supports the sustainable implementation of agile methods and tools.
  • Improved collaboration and productivity: State-of-the-Art tools promote collaboration and increase productivity.
  • Data-based decisions: Data-based decisions enable continuous improvement.
  • Innovation and competitive advantage: Agile tools support innovation and give you a competitive edge.


Through many years of experience with agile collaboration & project management tools and methodological expertise, we act as a project driver for an efficient and sustainable transformation process. Are you ready for the future of agile transformation? Contact EFS Consulting today and find out more about our consulting services!


Bernhard Schreiner, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Bernhard Schreiner

Jürgen Leitner, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Jürgen Leitner

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