EFS Consulting
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We enable our clients to bring together the requirements of business and IT in an end-2-end approach.

Information Technology

We advise clients on digitalisation and IT transformation projects.

In particular, clients from the industrial sector, with a focus on the automotive sector, draw on our expertise with regard to digital transformation.

Our approach

  • We also implement the digital transformation organisationally.
  • We take a holistic approach.
  • We bridge the gap between concept and implementation.
  • We successfully transfer tried and tested methods and experience from different industries and specialist areas to IT.

In the context of information technology, we deal with the digitalisation of processes, cloud computing, mainframe, network as a service, infrastructure as a service and software as a service, among other things. We not only support our clients in the transformation of processes and organisational development, but also apply our methods specifically to different project approaches – for example, in the creation of governance concepts, roll-out of IT solutions, generation of IT synergies and much more.

We successfully transfer tried and tested methods and experience from different industries and specialist areas to IT.

Our competencies go far beyond IT consulting. – As a broadly positioned management consultancy, we successfully apply our knowledge from other areas. We successfully transfer our tried and tested methods and experience for organisational and process development from different industries and specialist areas to IT. With our in-depth knowledge of content requirements and organisational interactions, we manage the transformation of processes and tools for our clients.

From an initial idea to an executable solution. We provide our customers with everything from a single source.


IT Transformation

We harmonise transformation initiatives and accompany clients through cultural, process and product changes.

IT Governance & Collaboration

Governance, along with Enterprise Architecture Management, forms the necessary framework as the backbone of the technical organisation.

Requirements Engineering

We create a common understanding of all stakeholders to the object of development to ensure a successful implementation.

IT Solutions

In recent years technical requirements have become increasingly complex and remote access has turned into a vital business capability to stay mobile.

Roll-Out Management

From order clarification and implementation to handover and life cycle management. We map the entire rollout process with EFS Rollout Blueprint.

Cloud Advisory

The use of cloud services widens the perspectives for organizations while new potentials arise in the development of their business models.

Cloud Economics

The success of the cloud initiative depends largely on a holistic view of the costs of cloud applications and the structures and processes of IT controlling and IT governance in companies.

Enterprise Architecture Management

Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) is a discipline that is increasingly being used in companies of all sizes.

IT-Sourcing & IT-Service Management

End-2-End expertise along the entire IT contract lifecycle. In tendering, transition and operation.