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The use of cloud services widens the perspectives for organizations while new potentials arise in the development of their business models.

Cloud Advisory

Cloud is more than just a technology.

The use of cloud services widens the perspectives for organizations while new potentials arise in the development of their business models.

A shift of paradigm is taking place not only from a technological and commercial perspective, but also with regards to collaboration. The use of this technology is shaping the organizational mindset through cross-departmental collaboration.

Departments are assigned with greater responsibility for maximizing benefits and optimizing costs, while IT acts as a service enabler for the organization.

Cloud infrastructure and services deliver key benefits

  • Profiting scaling possibilities & growth potentials
  • Establishing an innovative culture thanks to faster development cycles. (trial & error, MVPs, etc.)
  • Offering unified services through modularization of cloud services
  • Realising value-added services with the potentials of the Cloud technology (AI, machine learning, etc.)
  • Profiting from cost saving potentials

The EFS Cloud Advisory team navigates along the Cloud Journey and asks the right questions at the right time. Planning, reliability, transparency and managing complexity are key premises we build upon.

A holistic approach takes the key success factors of the Cloud Journey into account:

  • Corporate goals and business models
  • People, organizational culture & mindset
  • Technology, governance and security requirements

The IT service offering must evolve and deliver significant value to the customer or organization. Competitiveness is significantly shaped by IT, which is no longer seen as a cost center but rather emerges as a service enabler.

Cloud Journey

In the Cloud Journey the project develops from the initial strategy and migrating into the Cloud and continues with ongoing operations, as well as continuous analyses and optimizations. With the goal of a sustainable value creation, the phases of the Cloud Journey are categorised according to a customer´s current maturity level and individual requirements. The Cloud Journey is thereby forced as an end-2-end process.

Cloud Strategy & Readiness

The cloud strategy has to be in line with the overarching corporate goals. With the commitment of the business units and management to start the Cloud Journey, cloud readiness – for example, the technical, organizational or cultural prerequisites – is examined and developed.

Cloud Adoption

In addition to the technical setup of cloud services or a cloud platform, there is also an organizational, process-related and commercial change. With a holistic view, the technical components, support and management processes should also be built upon in a scalable, operational and value-creating manner.

Scaling and Cloud Management

Ongoing monitoring and coordinating cloud activities allow to further optimize services and maintain cost control by creating transparency. EFS Cloud Economics, the framework based on the FinOps concept, is a proven model to optimize costs and empower teams.

EFS Cloud Journey Portfolio

Depending on your individual stage in the Cloud Journey, EFS offers a comprehensive range of services. We offer guidance from the development of the cloud strategy to become “cloud ready”, through the entry and transition to the cloud and eventually to the integration in the organization. In addition, we show you numerous advantages of cloud usage and help you identifying and realizing scaling potentials. With our expertise, we offer you an unique service tailored to your needs and requirements.


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