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Governance, along with Enterprise Architecture Management, forms the necessary framework as the backbone of the technical organisation.

IT Governance & Collaboration

A stable IT organisation model and secure processes form a solid foundation for software implementations and are not conceivable separately from each other.

In the context of IT Governance & Collaboration, we deal with the following questions:

  • Ownership
    Who is the owner of the application & services? How are organisational and commercial risks handled?
  • Responsibility within the company
    What will the operating model be after project completion? Software as a service?
  • Establishing service process
    End user management, administration, service desk, service infrastructure, …
  • Business model and accountability
    Who bears responsibility?
    Roles, rights and responsibilities in consultation with stakeholders

EFS Consulting Approach: End-2-End Collaboration Model

Holistic governance model ensures the successful realisation of change projects and creates the basis for trusting collaborations.

  • We create the cooperation model taking into account the organisational structure and process organisation.
  • We develop roles, rights and responsibilities in consultation with the stakeholders on the basis of bundles of competencies
    and define them in the steering model.
  • We create the clear demarcation of central tasks.
  • We establish the appropriate committee and decision-making structures and thereby achieve greater acceptance.
  • We define emerging interfaces and manage them methodically.

We develop the appropriate operational organisation to realise customer requirements in the best possible way.

  • We take a holistic approach to building the business organisation, taking into account the three dimensions:
    • Clients & applications
    • IT Service portfolio
    • Processes
  • We identify stakeholders and collect and consolidate their process-related requirements.
  • Together we define a target process and service model (definition FMO) based on harmonisation as well as optimisation potentials.
  • On the basis of method-controlled gap and delta analyses, we derive action measures to achieve the objectives and define the concrete implementation concept for scalability.


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