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In recent years technical requirements have become increasingly complex and remote access has turned into a vital business capability to stay mobile.

IT Solutions

Technical advancements have allowed for more and more automatisation.

At the same time, companies have access to vast data streams and are mostly yet to grasp their full business potential. Hence, we conclude that technical solutions become a fundamental part of firm’s business models and more of a necessity and present no longer a unique selling proposition.

This is where we as EFS IT Solutions come in and assist our external and internal clients on this digital transformation journey by supporting their team development, process optimisation, product generation and customer experience based on data-funded strategies. As such, many of our colleagues have individually developed skills and knowledge, to not only understand, but also successfully implement new technologies. To channel these competencies and enable a meeting space for IT and programming, the “EFS Programming Community” was founded earlier this year. This is also in line with our vision of facilitation exchange, be it internal or external, teaching each other and bundling development activities to deliver better and more sustainable IT products.

1. Business Process Automatisation & Application Development:

While business automatisation aims at leveraging process potentials and reducing waste to drive value-added activities and innovation, the creation of scalable and cross-platform applications is the main centre of attentional in our applications development approach.

Answering to questions of the nature of finding the best tool fit for specific tasks, how to best scale and optimise business processes to increase employee satisfaction and improving collaboration efficiency, EFS IT Solutions understands to efficiently and scalable design business processes. In the initial stages, potentials are filtered out in the areas of human resources, accounting, marketing, and sales which are then elaborated on with specific user stories. These user stories can then be rephrased into specific technological requirements as a foundation for the actual concept development. In the end these concepts are prototyped and transformed into final applications with user-oriented solutions with intuitive user interfaces. Our holistic- and process spanning experience hereby greatly benefit the development process efficiency and outcome. On the side of the customer the application of machine learning, helps to reduce the manual effort in firms, freeing up the valuable resources of employees to go back to focusing on their main tasks.

2. Data Science and Analysis:

Generally, this contains the structuring of data and improving decision making based on sound data analyses. With the increasing amount of data available to firms it is important to firstly understand what kind of data is provided in the first place, as well as how and when to draw value from it.

Our EFS IT solutions experts hereby assist you in leveraging potentials within your organisation, building data analysis- and management focused systems, as well as concepting and implementing projects. At first, we establish an organisational status quo and want to create awareness under consideration of opportunities and risks. Essentially answering the questions “where are we” and “where to we want to go”? Only then is it feasible to dive further into the topic and establish the data quality in terms of congruency, quantity, and integrity. Based on the data quality an appropriate statistical approach can be chosen and line out the potential within. Next steps include the consideration of priorities and application fields to specify and best fit identified potentials. In this step leading projects can be singled out. In the end, the implementation takes place iteratively.

Our data scientists have developed extensive experience in data analytics- focused on existing data streams and their usage to make informed business decisions- and data engineering, the technical and structural transformation of raw data.

3. Cloud Advisory:

Have you ever wondered, how you could reduce the administrative workload of your on-premises infrastructure or how to leverage your IT from a simple service provider to a centre of competence?

In our novel cloud advisory approach, we develop concepts and strategies for companies’ data migration and organisational transformation. After an initial get-together and readiness check our experts accompany you on your cloud journey by first formulating a cloud strategy with the goal of target setting and road mapping. Hereby, the focus lies on prioritisation of items and the integration of IT, processes, and organisational structures. Following, the actual cloud migration is initiated by identifying pro cloud employees and identifying the most valuable use cases for the future migration, including intense trial and error and sandboxing trial runs. Lastly the cloud management is scaled with the goal of professionalisation and efficiency improvements for the firm. On this matter it is vital to line out costs, benefits, roles and the final roll-out.

Have we peaked your interest and you want to learn more, then check out our dedicated cloud advisory website.


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