EFS Consulting
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We create a common understanding of all stakeholders to the object of development to ensure a successful implementation.

Requirements Engineering

We know how to incorporate requirements of stakeholders & enable a successful implementation. Thoroughness & communication are particularly important to us.

In context requirements engineering we manage topics such as:

  • Recording & reconciliation of requirements 
    Which sources of requirements are available and which stakeholders are involved?
  • Describing requirements
    All requirements complete and wirtten in suitable and comprehensible language (“IT”)? Are use cases defined? Are all requirements fully and defined consistently?
  • Reviewing requirements
    Are all perspectives taken into account? Are there any further aspects to be considered? Is it possible to define a MVP based on the requirements?
  • Managing requirements
    Are all requirements prioritized and structured? Is there a defined change management system? Are all requirements comprehensible?


Bernhard Schreiner, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Bernhard Schreiner