EFS Consulting
Darya Shitova und Wolfgang Walter von EFS Consulting im Gespräch

Information security is the center of a digitalized world.

Information Security

Clear answers to security questions are needed.

Increasing complexity and digitalization characterize the business world and our living environment. To secure them, sensible solutions for information security, IT security and cyber security are needed.  

You can focus on your core business while we take care of your security challenges. 

We implement legislative, organizational as well as infrastructural security requirements in a cost-optimized way. Our broad professional background hereby enables a holistic view of all types of security issues.

Your risks are minimized through our EFS security approach – the continuity of your business and its competitiveness is ensured.


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Security Management & Blockchain

The mutual dependence of security–, business– and technology–transformation requires centralized and comprehensive security management.

Certification & Information Security

Increasing digitalization brings new challenges in terms of information security.

Cyber Security & Software Update Management

Cybercrime affects all players in the value chain.

Security Process Model

A customized service management is required for IT security and the successful integration and implementation.

Prevention Discovery & Reaction

Data Privacy & Protection

The increasing globalization of data processing as well as different legislation require an organization-wide data protection strategy. 

Security Systems Monitoring

Security systems monitoring identifies gaps in the overall IT security system at an early stage. 

Modern Workplace Security

The change in the work environment towards more flexibility and mobility leads to an increase in the importance of a comprehensive and secure workplaces.

Vulnerability Management

Using a holistic security concept helps to detect security threats as well as close security gaps at an early stage.

Availability & Infrastructure Resilience

Business Continuity

Maintaining or quickly resuming business operations is existentially important for companies in the short, medium, and long term.

Network Security

The increase of new types of cyber threats as well as the integration of third-party and internal devices into the company’s IT require a rethinking.

Cloud Security Management

Establishing security measures to ensure reliable use of cloud technology.

Data Center Security

Modernizing and protecting infrastructure is essential for providing digital resources in order to guarantee their constant availability.