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The mutual dependence of security–, business– and technology–transformation requires a centralized and comprehensive security management.

Security Management & Blockchain

Blockchain technology initiates a rethinking of business purpose and processes in different industries

Disruptive developments in the IT sector as well as comprehensive IT security concepts with effects on several business areas require a new approach to security management. With the aid of company-wide change and transformation guidance, the success of innovative security measures and technologies is ensured.

Blockchain applications pave the way to new security solutions. Distributed-Ledger-Technology is one of the most disruptive developments. Due to its tamper-resistant and transparent features as well as its interoperability, it offers various opportunities to rethink business processes. Trends such as autonomous and interconnected mobility can be realized sustainably.

EFS’s modular system for “Security Management & Blockchain” offers different modules according to the requirements of our customers to ensure an effective IT security management with reasonable effort and to implement innovative solutions.


Strategy and Concepts

The comprehensive strategic alignment of an overall IT security model supports the value-adding business processes of our customers. To achieve this, we develop integrated concepts and procedures that are optimally aligned with the operational processes.


  • Forecasting and scoping of IT security relevant topics
  • Creating a full security program, which considers processes, technologies, crisis management and cultural change equally and is adapted to the business processes
  • Coordination of strategic IT security measures



EFS accompanies clients from the analysis of a blockchain technology to the technical integration of a decentralized data management system.

In the automotive industry, EFS supports customers with blockchain applications in the areas of mobility data management, supply chain management, transaction management or smart insurance.


  • Pre-Check | EFS Blockchain feasibility Check | Vision & mission definition, strategy plan, technical assessment, data security & data modelling​
  • Phase 1 | EFS Blockchain Kick-Off | Use case definition, business model, functional concept, business development plan​
  • Phase 2 | EFS Blockchain Dev Ops | Proof-of-concept, go-live & agile development​
  • Phase 3 | EFS Blockchain Rollout | Functional and business scaling, ecosystem rollout, cashflow break-even


Cost management

For the financial evaluation of IT security measures, we select technically and economically optimal variants with our customers considering different alternatives.


  • Financial evaluation of IT security measures (must vs. nice to have, costs vs. added value)
  • Optimizing IT security costs by identifying and exploiting synergies and options (e.g. outsourcing)
  • Defining sustainable IT security operating models


​​​IT security governance

For the comprehensive design, establishment and use of sustainable IT security structures and processes legal, social and compliance requirements are considered.


  • Ensure overall IT security governance orchestration
  • Assessment of IT security requirements in terms of legislation, organization, and processes at the macro level
  • Defining the organizational and operational structure


Concept and system implementation​

In order to detail the roll-out of IT security concepts and systems as well as for the permanent implementation of IT security measures, we develop a resistant organizational structure together with our customers.


  • Detailing of concepts predefined in strategic planning
  • Leading the overall roll-out of IT security measures
  • Ramp-up and operationalization of IT security concepts and systems


IT security transformation

We ensure the successful and sustainable implementation of IT security projects through company-wide change and transformation support.


  • Holistic integration of IT security transformation in business and technology transformation
  • Operational support of IT security transformation projects
  • Securing company-wide change processes for IT security measures


IT security culture

IT security compliance is guaranteed by raising awareness within the organization and its employees. In order to accomplish this, we establish standardized processes and empower employees to successfully deal with the associated cultural change.


  • Ensure clear and consistent IT security processes
  • Sensitization within the organization and its employees for IT security management
  • Establishment of internal IT security competencies to ensure permanent protection


Wolfgang Walter, Engagement Manager bei EFS Consulting

Wolfgang Walter