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The change in the work environment towards more flexibility and mobility leads to an increase in the importance of a comprehensive and secure workplace concept. 

Modern Workplace Security

A complete workplace security concept protects business-critical work processes.

Flexibilization of the classic workplace requires the integration of new work methods into an all-embracing safety concept. Providing secure, location-independent access to data, applications and systems has become an operational necessity.

Among other things, modern workplace security includes making employees aware of information security and provides a complete picture of assets, IT infrastructure and access rights to business-critical data and systems.

EFS’s modular system for “Modern Workplace Security” offers modules to ensure secure workplaces with reasonable effort, now and in the future.


Workplace security analysis

To determine the current security level within the workplace environments, we identify modern workplace requirements considering legal and compliance requirements.


  • Analyze the current workplace environment
  • Evaluate the workplace Security level
  • Identify and derive potential risks and optimization potentials


Workplace security concept

In order to define a modern workplace security concept within the sense of a comprehensive security concept, we integrate security aspects and anchor them in all relevant phases: from the planning stage, through the detailed conception, to the provision of modern workplaces.


  • Deriving a suitable Modern Workplace Security approach
  • Developing an individual protection concept, considering the systems in use, applications, and possible business processes
  • Establishing the security concept in modern workplace planning


Implementing the measures

We implement a secure modern workplace environment through the control and management of electronic identities, access rights, and the use of end-to-end automated application and approval processes.


  • Implementing targeted modern workplace security measures
  • Evaluating and implementing variants and tools for the technological realization of Modern Workplace Security
  • Management and support during the implementation of measures


Monitoring the implementation

We ensure the sustainable effectiveness of the workplace security concept by minimizing and closing security gaps through proactive monitoring.


  • Monitoring the implementation progress and regular reporting
  • Determining the sustainable effectiveness of the implemented modern workplace security concept
  • Structuring and detailing guidelines and documents


Wolfgang Walter, Engagement Manager bei EFS Consulting

Wolfgang Walter