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Modernizing and protecting infrastructure is essential for providing digital resources in order to guarantee their constant availability.

Data Center Security

A security strategy based on targeted measures protects the business-critical data infrastructure in the long term.

Data centers store information, applications and services that are essential for day-to-day business operations. However, if customer or business-critical data falls into the hands of unauthorized third parties, this can lead to an enormous loss of image and high costs. With the help of a systematically implemented security strategy, data centers can be effectively protected.

Effective security solutions are required to maintain business operations. These include both physical and virtual security. Depending on their size, data centers contain a variety of IT infrastructures which require security solutions that match their needs. Measures for physical protection include the targeted use of access controls, monitoring systems and effective delete systems.

The virtualization of the data center infrastructure requires the implementation of virtual protection measures to defend against cyber-attacks. The combination of policies, security tools and required authentications creates a secure environment.

EFS’s modular system for “Data Centre Security” offers specific modules to sustainably increase the security level of the data center and to secure ongoing business operations.


Infrastructure analysis

Analyzing the current data center infrastructure and locating optimization potentials.


  • Analyze and evaluate the data center infrastructure as well as IT process flows.
  • Identifying, analyzing, and evaluating optimization potentials and risks
  • Identifying areas for actions that can be developed


Determining the approach

Creation of a complete process for making the data center processes more flexible.


  • Developing and defining a targeted approach for the improvement of the Data Centre efficiency
  • Elaborating and further developing strategic and operational processes
  • Considering and integrating the overall goals of the digitization and corporate strategy


Monitoring of implemented measures

To ensure the sustainable quality of the newly set measures and newly implemented technologies.


  • Implementation of the defined approach including planned procedures
  • Steering and adjustment of the implementation of the predefined measures – if necessary, during the entire implementation process
  • Establishment of a monitoring system to ensure the continuous improvement process of the data center


Environment & variations

Clarifying all normative framework conditions as well as creating different variants.


  • Support in clarifying the requirements and analyses in advance of the planning and construction work
  • Development of variants in order to be able to plan, operate and expand the data center in a future-proof manner in accordance with the current state of the art.
  • Preparation for certification to create a uniform understanding of the test requirements


Evaluation of data center variants

Evaluate the created variants of the Data Centre in terms of economic and IT security relevant aspects.


  • Comparison of variants in relation to DIN EN 50600 parameters: General concept, physical aspects of the DC, management, efficiency aspects.
  • Definition of different protection classes of the data center regarding security relevant aspects
  • Elaboration of data center availability classes for all structural parameters


Realization of data center security

Conceptualization and implementation of a monitoring system.


  • Internal protection and long-term quality improvement
  • Considering compliance and regulatory issues related to IT security
  • Developing parameters in order to track the availability of the infrastructures and the costs of the data center


Wolfgang Walter, Engagement Manager bei EFS Consulting

Wolfgang Walter