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A customized service management is required for IT security and the successful integration and implementation of digital process and work environments. 

Security Process Model

Structured security procedure models increase customer and user satisfaction through optimized security services and processes.

Ever shorter innovation cycles in the IT sector continuously lead to an increasing rate of change. At the same time, heterogeneous responsibilities, in homogeneous system landscapes and the need to ensure compliance with different requirements make it necessary to have an orderly, uniform approach to information security management. In this context, security process models form the basis for identifying and realizing potential improvements and increasing workflow transparency for customers and employees.

Companies face an increase in legal requirements and compliance demands, while also lacking time and personnel resources. With customized process models, we enable our customers to meet the challenges in this context.

EFS’s modular system for “Security Procedure Models” offers different modules to create orderly procedure models with reasonable effort.


Mapping of service structures

Through comprehensive landscaping of the IT service environment, we capture requirements and processes in order to map and evaluate the existing service structures.


  • Conducting a survey of the current service landscape
  • Determining the organizational, legal and technical framework conditions
  • Identifying and deriving risks as well as potential improvement ​across the service value chain


Analysis of service management models

We analyze existing service management models regarding relevant business requirements.


  • Research and analysis of existing service management models (ITIL, ISO 20000, COBIT, YaSM etc.)
  • Conducting a requirements analysis (business requirements, market requirements, etc.)
  • Compare, classify, and prioritize solution approaches according to business objectives


Selection of service management approaches

For the selection of suitable service management approaches, we perform a focused scoping of the possible approaches and evaluate them.


  • Evaluation and selection of suitable service management models based on previously defined requirements.
  • Development of the best practices to verify the usability of the different approaches
  • Structuring and detailing guidelines and documents


Detailed conception procedure model

The appropriate process model is selected, tailored to the respective requirements, and a customized detailed concept is created.


  • Detailing a customized “Best Of” concept
  • Define and develop a suitable process structure and the necessary interfaces for successful implementation
  • Identify and define the necessary resources, considering a lean and agile approach


Implementation of the process model

For the long-term improvement of the IT organizational culture, we implement a consistent procedure model and empower our customers to apply it.


  • Establishing the necessary conditions for the implementation of the process model
  • Setting up a central and consistent reporting structure
  • Implementation and monitoring of the process model


Evaluation and further development

We continuously evaluate the service management process model and develop it further in order to optimize IT security processes in the long term.


  • Determining the sustainable effectiveness of the process model
  • Continuous identification of potential improvements
  • Systematic development of the process model and adaptation due to changing business requirements


Wolfgang Walter, Engagement Manager bei EFS Consulting

Wolfgang Walter