EFS Consulting
Umair Hussain, Katja Westwood, Yasmine Ouellani und Thomas Prock in einem Meeting

By establishing a well-thought-out customer journey, we set new standards in the field of Marketing & Sales. We turn customers into brand ambassadors.

Marketing & Sales

We successfully market products.

Successful Marketing and Sales turn customers into glowing brand ambassadors. We provide expertise along the whole product lifecycle: future-proof product strategies, clear product positioning, thought-out characteristics management, support regarding start-of-sale and strategic sales ramp-up as well as distribution channels and optimizing sales processes and -network.


Characteristics Management

We are translators between strategy, customer and technology. In line with the strategic objectives, we define the characteristics for the products to be developed.

Customer-Centric Sales Landscape

Understanding the customer environment means providing a seamless experience over the whole value chain to us.

Customer-oriented Products & Services

Customer requirements are the guiding star throughout product definition.

Scenarios & Strategy

We provide transparency in an ambiguous and complex environment – by creating scenarios for strategic decision-making and cross-hierarchical planning and implementation as a basis of vision & mission statements.