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We are translators between strategy, customer and technology. In line with the strategic objectives, we define the characteristics for the products to be developed.

Characteristics Management

A vision defines the long-term future situation, the guiding principle of an organization. It specifies the direction – for the development of the entire company, a division, a department.

We support our customers with developing the strategy and additionally create the connection to product development and the product in question. To achieve this, we use our methodical expertise as well as deep knowledge of markets and customers.

Our asset: based on our extensive experience in the automotive sector, we have developed our own method of being able to consistently break down strategic goals into concrete product characteristics.

Characteristics management

As part of comprehensive characteristics management – and with the ‘EFS catalog of characteristics’ developed by us – we create a framework in order to successfully bring the levels of strategy, market/customer and technology into line.

In addition, this enables us to advise our clients on the development of the right and consistent (brand) messages.

From Strategy to Product

In line with our strategic objectives, we define the characteristics for the products to be developed together with our customers.

We then translate these customer requirements into concrete technical requirements. We bring together endogenous and exogenous contributing factors such as product characteristics, technologies, customer expectations, competitor activities and legal requirements.

With comprehensive characteristics management, we ensure the consistency of the characteristics on every level. For each level, these are listed in the correct degree of detail and translated into the correct “language”.


On a strategic level, we define a set of product characteristics from the view of top management. When doing so, we ensure consistency with the overall brand message.


We include the view of the market/customer with regard to (future) product requirements.


When it comes to technology, the requirements of marketing are broken down into concrete goals. We ensure that the customer requirements to be included are made available with the precision necessary for technical product development.

We work cross-functionally

We form the link between strategy and product. For our customers, we ensure that products are developed in accordance with the defined strategy and the brand positioning derived from it.


Truls Thorstensen CEO EFS Consulting

Truls Thorstensen

Christian Schaupp CEO EFS Consulting

Christian Schaupp

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Roman Benedetto

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