Europe, Asia or the Vienna office – we take on new challenges around the world in exciting projects.

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We travel.

Because customer closeness is important to us.

The typical working week starts early on Monday morning, usually with a flight or a trainride abroad. Whether to relatively nearby Germany or to faraway China, our consultants work as closely as possible with our customers.

Being on site for several working days per week on projects is usual in consulting. The global COVID pandemic however, has made the everyday work routine of a consultant a bit more flexible. Many projects are currently processed remotely, many teams collaborate from a distance.

In this context EFS has intensively familiarized itself with the topic Digital Workplace and has created a remote-work understanding, which makes it possible to continue to deliver the accustomed quality of collaboration to the customer.

Weekly travel is still the norm. For more distant customer assignments – such as Mexico, India or China – only a stay of several weeks makes sense. This allows our employees to adapt better to local conditions and thus master challenges more effectively.

We rely on teamwork.

We are only successful together.

We act across topics, competences and hierarchies. Our expertise lies in a wide range of industries and fields of competence. This enables our employees to constantly think their way into new topics and learn about new things.

The people our consultants work with and the cultures they operate in are just as diverse as the areas of responsibility. This variety motivates and contributes to the full exploitation of personal potential, time and time again. Independent work is a matter of course but real teamwork is just as essential for success. After all, only a carefully assembled team can combine the strength and ideas required for customer success.

We create actively.

It’s how we develop ourselves further.

Our employees are noted for continuously striving for improvement. This basic attitude is seen not only in customer projects but also within the company. Apart from working on current projects, our consultants actively contribute their skills and knowledge internally – whether in the area of recruiting or through internal knowledge transfer and competence building. The result is new synergies that strengthen our employees and the company as a whole from the inside. The high level of commitment and sense of belonging of our employees becomes apparent. Everyone makes a positive contribution to the further development of EFS Consulting.

We exchange ideas.

It is how we experience the joy of work.

Our consultants are permanently deployed on customer projects in around 10 countries worldwide. Friday is Office Day at the Vienna office. It is a good opportunity to bring the intensive week to a successful conclusion, make use of internal training and development programs, and talk to others.

The exchange works best in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere – for example at a joint Friday breakfast or from 4 pm at “Beer Friday”. There are many ways to strike up conversations with colleagues from different teams – for a good start to the weekend. After all, most of our employees will be sitting on a plane again on Monday morning.

We love what we do, because we do.

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