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We keep on learning.


Our employees are our greatest asset.

Their knowledge and skills are our decisive competitive advantage. For us, ongoing further training is therefore not only a matter of course but a prerequisite, so we are always a decisive step ahead and a reliable partner to our customers, now and in the future.

Internal exchange of knowledge.

Sharing knowledge and passing on experience is an essential part of our corporate culture and the clear commitment of the management team.

Internally, we impart comprehensive knowledge about our fields of competence and products, discuss relevant industry news, and provide information on current trends. In addition, we continuously train our employees in the methods, tools and instruments of project work. Soft skills such as understanding leadership, rhetoric, moderation and much more complete the program.

We have created our own channels for this purpose: internal day and short training courses, boot camp as well as stages/platforms.

To expand the knowledge of our new employees, we take several days for the onboarding process – the boot camp. They are thus ideally equipped for their work at EFS Consulting.


Our employees participate actively – it’s what we’re known for.

We have also created our own platforms for consultants and project managers with the aim of promoting internal (knowledge) exchange within the company, releasing potential, creating synergies and strengthening cooperation. In project-independent cooperation, we offer employees the opportunity to contribute their ideas, interests and individual strengths to the further development of their divisions and the company.