EFS Consulting
Birgit Brandstetter und Jürgen Leitner von EFS Consulting in einem Gespräch

The steps to the top job.

Recruiting Process

1. Application

Applicants who inspire us at the initial stage with their written application will be invited to an interview with an experienced Consultant. 


2. Innitial Interview

The main focus is on getting to know one another. It is where potential new employees can make an impression – with their personality and professional competence – and at the same time get a first impression of EFS Consulting, its philosophy and way of working. 

Those who impress will proceed to the next round. 


3. The Assessment

„We love what we do, because we do.“ 

This is our attitude to work – a demand we also make of our new employees. 

For this reason, applicants have the opportunity to apply their knowledge to a specific business case.  

After the presentation of the business case results, including answering case-related questions, the presentation of a freely chosen topic takes place, prepared in advance. This allows them to bring out their personality and interests and see whether the personality matches our team. 

Our applicants receive feedback the same day – and ideally we will soon be able to welcome them to our team.