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Let's get it started!


The successfully completed assessment marks the start to an exciting career at EFS Consulting.

We rely on our comprehensive recruiting process, which creates an early awareness among our new employees of the everyday work of our consultants, including the requirements and challenges involved.

Best entry: EFS Onboarding

The perfect first day. It is very important to us that our new employees settle in quickly and have a smooth start. For this reason, the necessary equipment for new employees is available right from the outset. After a quick tour of the Vienna office, the consultants are immediately introduced to their team and informed about current projects. Joiners are supported by us to be ready immediately and to fully participate in customer projects.

With our starter kit, we provide the most important information about EFS Consulting as a company, relevant contact persons, the specific way of working, the first steps as an employee and much more besides – and thus give an important sense of orientation for the first few weeks.


Best start-up: the EFS boot camp

During our multi-day boot camp, we pass on background knowledge to our new employees. The goal is to impart important information about EFS Consulting – such as mission, vision, spirit, projects – to introduce the team and the everyday life of a consultant, and to explain how we understand ourselves in this respect. Our new consultants are also given the opportunity to clarify questions that are easier to address in this setting.

A creative conveying of content and a playful approach are special characteristics of our boot camps – as are the communal evening arrangements. We create a cross-project framework that promotes exchange and strengthens a sense of community. This is where it becomes evident what EFS Consulting is all about.


Best support: the EFS mentoring program

The training and development of our employees is important to us. A mentor is provided for all consultants from the very beginning – a sparring partner to shape the personal career path. In the course of the continuous exchange of experience between mentor and mentee, individual fields of action are identified and employees are prepared for a wide variety of project situations. In this way, we support the personal “organizational fit” in order for employees to develop well at EFS Consulting.