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The procurement and management of IT is central to achieving corporate objectives. This includes hardware, software, IT services, IT consulting, and telecommunications.

IT-Sourcing & Provider Management

Definition and relevance of IT-Sourcing & Provider Management


IT-Sourcing & Provider Management involve the procurement and management of IT scopes, in collaboration between procurement, business units, and IT department. These IT scopes encompass hardware, software, IT services, IT consulting, and telecommunications.


The pressure to innovate, strategic goals, and digital transformation constantly pose new challenges for companies. IT plays a strategic role as an enabler of competitive advantage.

IT-Sourcing and Provider Management serves as the interface between the organization’s internal capabilities and the ecosystem of IT providers. Constantly facing the challenge of being state of the art, and achieving the optimum balance of expertise, quality, and costs.

Thus, the procurement and management of IT is central to achieving corporate objectives.

The added value of IT-Sourcing & Provider Management

Fostering innovation.

Targeted engagement with the external ecosystem of IT providers increases the level of innovation within the company by:

  • Accessing specialized knowledge, skills, and technologies
  • Evolving the company’s culture through collaboration and exchange
  • Accelerating the rollout of new technologies

Enhancing performance.

Contract controlling and service management enable the enhancement of IT supplier performance by:

  • Selecting the most capable bidders in the market
  • Transparent performance analysis and focused improvement
  • Building strong partnerships and fostering collaborative development

Optimizing costs.

Through rigorous management of IT contracts, companies can optimize costs by:

  • Creating synergies within the contract portfolio
  • Increasing comparability and competition in negotiations
  • Establishing performance-based compensation mechanisms

Reducing risks.

Strategic IT contract management helps reduce business and legal risks by ensuring that:

  • Contracts and procurement are compliant with the law and audit-proof
  • A diversified supplier portfolio is maintained
  • Performance and risks are subject to transparent monitoring


Our service portfolio for IT-Sourcing & Provider Management

Managing procurement processes

Tender Management. Managing the procurement process in close collaboration with internal stakeholders:

  • Creating tender documents
  • Evaluating the proposals
  • Developing the award recommendation

Transition Management. Managing of and quality assurance for service provider transitions. In the interest of our client:

  • Knowledge transfer for service delivery
  • Establishing service management and governance
  • Change of control and hypercare

Optimizing IT Contract Management

Developing the Procurement Strategy. Establishing objectives for IT procurement aligned with IT strategy and corporate goals; creating a long-term plan for the IT contract portfolio

Establishing Organization and Capabilities. Developing the structure, processes, and skills necessary to ensure contract fulfillment aligns with the objectives

Optimizing the Tendering Methodology. Implementing a modular document structure; templates for service descriptions, pricing, quality control, etc.; a structured and transparent process.

Enhancing Service Provider Performance. Conducting KPI-based and qualitative performance analysis; providing concrete recommendations for service optimization.

Digitizing the purchasing department

Ivalua Source-to-Pay Platform. Cloud-based Spend Management Platform to Efficiently Manage All Supplier Relationships and Spend

  • Insights to make better, faster decisions
  • Automation to free capacity for strategic objectives
  • Collaboration tools to effectively engage suppliers
  • Further information on ivalua: com/


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