Efficient value chains are an essential success factor for the competitiveness of companies. We have a proven method in place, which is capable to optimize the associated processes for the creation of value.

Guaranteeing a good interaction between all partners of the value networks requires ongoing optimization of the procurement, supply, production and delivery procedure. Together with our customers, we therefore deal with issues such as the procurement of parts, the selection of adequate suppliers, suitable production sites, compliance with national legal requirements,  and much more. Our goal: to design value creation in such a way that a product or service is produced or provided as effectively and efficiently as possible.

1 Sourcing

We deal with topics relating to the site selection as well as the procurement of raw materials, parts or systems. Our experience and the EFS supplier rating system enable us to support customers in the best way possible from the very first moment. That applies to the selection of both suitable suppliers and markets – keyword: best-cost country. It is how we lay the foundation stone for a powerful value chain.

With regard to outsourcing, we plan relocations of parts, systems and services through to entire organizational units. We ensure smooth implementation from the first try-out to series delivery.

2 Supply

The highest premise in the area of supply is to provide an economically viable solution. We provide our customers with a comprehensive approach that takes all critical parameters into account. We also take into consideration the different needs of the departments involved, such as Purchasing and Logistics.

The principle of minimalism applies: the leanest value chain is, as a rule, the best one. For this reason, we carry out adequately detailed value stream analyses. We always pursue a holistic approach in order to achieve maximum effect with a minimum of resources.

Apart from the most efficient and stable structure of the value chain, regular optimization is essential for competitiveness. We consult our customers as a part of active supplier development in order to improve process stability, process quality and the cost structure on a continuous and sustainable basis.

Should an element of the supply chain ever get out of step, we ensure customer supply in the shortest possible time through interim and task force management directly on site. At the same time, we introduce sustainable optimization measures based on holistic causal analyses as a way of restoring the smooth flow of the value chain.

3 Production

We cover all our customers’ requirements, from simple production material flow projects to complex future strategies in the area of Industry 4.0.

Coming from the area of Lean Manufacturing, we have developed Digital Kaizen, a method to exploit improvement potentials by using state-of-the-art technologies. With this approach, further optimizations are possible in order to redesign production and logistics.

4 Services

We check all aspects of logistics for costs, benefits and risks. In doing so, we pay attention to the reliable supply and provision of spare parts, especially in global markets. The goal is to keep material costs as low as possible. Lean manufacturing and supply processes are basic prerequisites for this.

In recent times, non-tariff trade barriers have emerged as new challenges. In order to be able to counteract restrictions in the desired target markets, it is necessary to know the country-specific requirements in detail and to adhere to them. We use our knowledge to support our customers in this area with aspects such as country-specific certification and national regional regulations. In addition, we consult on how to restructure organizational units, processes, methods and systems or adapt existing ones in order to ensure that all target countries are supplied efficiently and in compliance with legal requirements.

Recep Öz


EFS Unternehmensberatung GesmbH
A-1030 Wien / Ungargasse 59/61
M. +43 676 439 2056
roez@efs.at / www.efs.consulting

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