In the competence area of “Digital Product and Production” we look to the best-possible use of digitalization and the application of Industry 4.0.

Products, product development and production processes are at the heart of this - allowing our customers to remain or become competitive.

In this regard, we focus on understanding, considering and involving technology, processes and people in equal measure. At the same time, we ensure efficiency and clarity. So we can be successful for our customers in conjunction with technology partners. An extensive set of methods and years of experience give us the ability to use existing possibilities or create new ones.

Digital Factory, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Virtual Development & Validation
Our strengths in these areas are based on our comprehensive understanding of the

processes of product development
production planning
software development
software roll-outs
software application

We have been supporting customers with strategic issues, software selection decisions, and implementation projects for many years. There is a special focus on business and IT landscape – with regard to both the development of methods and operational deployment.

Methods & Tools
We offer classic project and program controlling and deliver comprehensive know-how in the implementation and application of common industry standards such as agile concepts, ASPICE or CMMI.

For example, we support customers with their projects on the design and implementation of agile process models – from the targeted use of fundamentally agile methods and tools in SCRUM teams through to scaled, agile organizational models (such as those based on SAFe). Our certified experts deploy their specialist knowledge, powerful implementation skills, and elements of Framechangers™. This achieves the best-possible results in the specific project settings with the players involved.

Digital Kaizen

Digital Kaizen

„Kaizen – the striving for continuous, unending improvement“

New technologies must not be an end in themselves. Out of this claim, we have developed Digital Kaizen. Building on the Toyota Production System (TPS), classic Kaizen is used to identify waste and develop improvement potentials. With Digital Kaizen, these potentials are used with state-of-the-art technologies such as data glasses, smart watches or drones. We have developed a specific catalog of questions for the application in question. The 4D questioning technique focuses on the data. Integrated implementation within the company can take place on the basis of a defined regulatory framework.

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