Our solutions are uncomplicated, creative, and result-oriented. We also speak our customers’ language – for the highest level of cooperation. 

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“We Make Things Work”. Exact yet pragmatic. Precise and careful. We strive for the ideal solution, the very best for our customers. To achieve the best results, we regularly go the extra mile.

Dealing with challenging topics inspires us as much as solving complex, strategic issues. Ultimately, we have a lot of knowledge that we are happy to use and share. In addition, we not only develop strategies but provide support with the actual implementation, from start to successful conclusion. We stay in close contact with our customers and keep and eye on quality, timings and budgets.


We are successful together. We take a wide range of perspectives into account, isolate problems, ask critical questions and deliver solutions. Thanks to extensive expertise, a focus on the essentials, and a lot of empathy, we create a successful way of collaborating with our customers. We meet as equals and value each other’s concerns.


The best results are always obtained on the basis of optimal communication. Ultimately, this requires lots of contact with the customer. It is especially important for our consultants to be right on site, as this gives rise to an extremely competent cooperation that benefits both sides. The positive interaction with our customers and everyone involved is a pronounced strength of EFS Consulting.

Those who know want to indulge as much in our expertise and creativity as they do in our straightforward interaction. That forms our unique selling point, which our customers appreciate. After all, we offer more than just advice.

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