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Xuanyuan Award 2024

The winners of the 11th Xuanyuan Award have been chosen. A total of 10 vehicles were honoured with the “Car of the Year 2024” award this year. Another four vehicles received a Special Award.

11th Xuanyuan Award ceremony

The 11th Xuanyuan Award ceremony took place in Wuhan, China, in mid-December. For the first time in the eleven-year history of the award, a total of 10 vehicles out of 40 nominees were honoured with this year’s Xuanyuan Award for “Car of the Year 2024”.

Winner – TOP 10

Li L7, NIO ES6, JETOUR T2, XPENG G6, MG Cyberster, MHERO 917, Lynk&Co 08 EM-P, Deepal S7i, VOYAH PASSION PHEV, SGMW Bingo

Special Awards

In addition to the “Car of the Year 2024” award, four special awards were also presented for New Talent and Innovation, among others.

Xuanyuan Award – The B2B Automotive Industry Award

The Xuanyuan Award is the B2B award in the Chinese automotive industry. EFS Consulting founded the award in 2013 together with its Chinese partner Automotive Business Review (ABR).

The aim of the award is to subject vehicles with at least Chinese production and a recent or imminent market entry to an independent assessment by Chinese and Western experts. This assessment is carried out in a multi-stage process based on qualitative criteria.

Xuanyuan Award 2024

Manufacturers have registered more than 100 vehicles for the Xuanyuan Award 2024, 40 of which have made it through to the qualitative assessment. In this assessment, the performance of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and human machine interfaces (HMI) as well as the user experience and a criteria in a static and dynamic property assessment are evaluated. The results from these categories are used by the award jury to assess the innovative strength, industrial development and mobility in China.

At the end of the qualitative assessment, the TOP 25 were determined, from which the winners of the “Car of the Year” Award and this year’s four “Special Awards” were named at the final jury meeting and the subsequent award ceremony.

Nominees 2024

Li L7, NIO ES6, JETOUR T2, XPENG G6, MG Cyberster, MHERO 917, Lynk&Co 08 EM-P, Deepal S7i, VOYAH PASSION PHEV, SGMW Bingo, VOYAH DREAM, NETA S, ROBOCAR01, ARCFOX KAOLA, IM LS7, HiPhi Y, ZEEKR X, GAC MOTOR E9, WEY Gaoshan DHT-PHEV, Hyper GT, HAVAL Menglong, Baojun Cloud, GEELY Galaxy L7, AITO New M7, Rising Auto F7


The vehicles that took part in this year’s award showed a general convergence and less willingness to take risks in terms of exceptional features & innovation.

Truls Thorstensen on this year’s vehicles: “Compared to previous years, OEMs had less willingness to take risks on innovation, they had less focus on risky differentiation, at the same time, OEMs seem to take less focus on traditional characteristics like driving dynamics, we’ve seen some cars with even lower performance than their previous generation.”

However, this does not mean that vehicles or the automotive industry are taking a step backwards, but rather that they are generating more innovation potential and products that will perform even better in the future.

The Chinese vehicle industry has reached a level of maturity that makes it globally competitive. Electromobility has opened the door and manufacturers have used this opportunity to make their mark, especially in high-tech areas such as e-powertrain, ADAS and HMI. says Maximilian Mrstik about the Chinese vehicle industry.

On the part of EFS Consulting, both Truls Thorstensen as Executive Committee Member and Maximilian Mrstik as European representative of the assessment team as well as the EFS Consulting Team China took part in the event.

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