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New draft vehicles standards in China

China has published eight new draft standards for road vehicles for public consultation. 

The eight new draft standards are open for comments until 21 March 2022.  

The standards cover: 

  • Retro-reflective Devices and Markings for Motor Vehicles 
  • Motor Vehicle Coolant—Part1: Fuel Vehicle Engine Coolant (GB 29743.1) 
  • Road Illumination Devices and Systems for vehicles 
  • The Protection of Vehicle for Pedestrians in the Event of a Collision (GB 24550) 
  • Light-signaling Devices and Systems for vehicles and Their Trailers 
  • The Vehicle Mark for Road Transportation Dangerous Goods (GB 13392) 
  • Energy Consumption Label for Light-duty Vehicles—Part 1: For Gasoline and Diesel Vehicles (GB 22757.1) 
  • Energy Consumption Label for Light Vehicles – Part 2: For Off-vehicle-chargeable Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Battery Electric Vehicles (GB 22757.2) 

Some of the standards are published for the first time as completely new GB standards, the others are new versions of existing standards. 

Besides the above mentioned draft standards, a new GB standard GB 16897 for brake hoses in vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds and trailers is expected to come into force on July 1, 2022. The previously used GB 16897-2010 standard was implemented in July 2011 and has now been comprehensively revised. 

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