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EFS Consulting China Yuanyuan Award

The leading B2B Automotive Award in China.

Xuanyuan Award

Together with our Chinese partner Automotive Business Review (ABR), we founded China’s B2B automotive award in 2013:
the Xuanyuan Award.

The Xuanyuan Award aims to

  • identify and discover the leading automotive products in the Chinese automotive industry in a better and more comprehensive way.
  • promote Chinese Automotive Industry to develop in a quality-oriented, sustainable and competitive way.

In addition to the overall winner, vehicles are awarded in a wide range of specific categories. This provides a comprehensive insight into the state of development, trends and strategies in the Chinese vehicle industry.

Independent and objective in its approach and procedures, the Xuanyuan Award has enjoyed the highest reputation from the very beginning.

Well founded decision making

Prior to the Jury session, a 10 – 15 days assessment is carried out in October each year at one of China’s largest Proving Grounds – NAST in Xiangyang. Besides EFS Consulting, international leading companies are contributing to the assessment categories, in order to provide a solid basis for decision making of the jury before the award ceremony.

The assessment categories range from energy efficiency to the range of electric vehicles and much more. EFS Consulting deals intensively with topics such as driving dynamics, perceived quality and interior perception.

After the assessment, the evaluation takes place, which is summarized in an assessment report and presented to the jury. An independent auditor ensures that all processes are carried out correctly in formal terms. All results are intended to ensure transparency on the contribution of either vehicle mobility in China, or the maturity of Chines Car Manufacturers in comparison to international automotive Standards.


“China’s leading automotive industry award, founded and organized by Auto Business Review and EFS Consulting”


Independent Attitude

  • Being independent of personal relationships, business interests, or any other influences is the attitude of Xuanyuan Award.
  • Xuanyuan Award Jury and Supporters are all from non-OEM organizations.
  • Xuanyuan Award Partners are all well-known organizations from the industry.


Award Criteria

  • Product and technology innovation based on user experience
    Vehicle platform, Styling & design, Perceived Quality, Driving Dynamics and others
  • Contribution to Mobility
    Cost Performance, Energy Consumption and Emission, Durability
  • Contribution to Chinese Automotive Industry
    Product Development, Manufacturing Engineering, Supply Chain, Import and Business Model


Global Positioning

World Panel chooses the Car of the Year in China.

The Xuanyuan Award is unique in the business-to-business sector!

Xuanyuan Award
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