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China issues draft law on hazardous substances in road vehicles

The draft law sets out to promote clean production, prevent and control solid waste pollution, and improve the management of hazardous substances.

The draft covers M, N and L class road motor vehicles (including Type II chassis) which are manufactured, sold and imported in the territory of the People’s Republic of China (excluding Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau); however, special purpose vehicles are excluded.

The main objective is to implement the system of extended producer responsibility. Road vehicle manufacturers are required to actively create an environmentally friendly supply chain, take measures to manage hazardous substances throughout the industry chain, implement material labeling requirements, improve road vehicle recycling rates, and disclose dismantling information. In the development process, the manufacturer shall strive for a “green design” of the vehicle and intensify cooperation with research institutions and industry organizations to find ways to make better use of resources and develop new technologies.

Non-compliance may lead to a halt in production and sales, as well as a recall of products. If the manufacturer is a supplier of imported road vehicles, the Market Regulation Department shall suspend its CCC certificate.

The administrative measures shall come into effect January 1, 2024, but their implementation will be delayed by 24 months for vehicles in production. Upon coming into force, they will also repeal Announcement No. 38 of MIIT of 2015 on Management Requirements for Automobile Hazardous Substances.

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