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Updates to the list of regulated radio equipment

Vietnam introduces changes to its list of radio devices subject to type approval 

Vietnam Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has published a Draft Circular which shall replace Circular 05/2019/TT-BTTTT and establish a new list of radio products covered by the Vietnamese type approval.  The existing list will not change completely, however, a few modifications will be introduced.  Among others, these are: 

  • Adding the recently introduced National Technical Regulations QCVN 86:2019/BTTTT and QCVN 119:2019/BTTTT to the list. 
  • Detailing description of some regulated short-range devices to make the requirements clearer. 
  • Adding several 5G products to the list. 

The new Circular shall take effect from 1 July 2020.  It is important to monitor the Vietnamese regulations regularly since the list of regulated products is subject to frequent changes. 

Also the general regulation establishing the radio type approval process (procedures for Certification of Conformity, Declaration of Conformity, etc.) Circular 30/2011/TT-BTTTT may be soon replaced by a new one, whose draft has also been published.  However, the date of entry into force remains unknown so far. 

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