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European Parliament in favor of “Right to Repair”

395 MEPs voted to support the “right to repair” resolution which is expected to simplify the repair process of consumers’ products and promote sustainability in the European Union. 

The European Parliament is planning on promoting overall sustainability in the European Union by improving the life span and repairability of consumer products. According to a Eurobarometer survey, 77% of EU citizens stated that they prefer to have their devices repaired instead of replaced and 79% stated that manufacturers should be obliged to simplify the repair process for consumers’ devices. 

What are the European Members of Parliament exactly proposing? To achieve its Green Deal policy initiatives, MEPs are proposing to the European Commission to remove obstructions that prevent consumers from repairing, reusing or reselling their products by making repairs more streamlined, reducing overall cost of repairs through for example extended warranties or better access to information on repairs.  

Furthermore, MEPs advocate for a more sustainable “culture of reusing products” to reduce electronic waste and push for the introduction of the “ecolabel” which should indicate the degree of sustainability of a product. This will further cut down on EU CO2 emissions by an estimated 46 million tonnes annually. 

A comprehensive press release of the European Parliament about this subject can be found under this link 

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