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New Standard regarding Electric Vehicles

The Ministry of Industry & Advanced Technology (MOIAT) is drafting a new Standard regarding technical requirements for Electric Vehicles.

This standard applies to all electric vehicles with a speed of more than 25 km/h, while taking the relevant Golf standards and regulations into account.

The standard aims to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries caused in accidents due to electrolyte leakage from traction batteries, penetration of traction battery system components into the vehicle interior, and electric shocks. The standard specifies test procedures and methods, including impact measurements (frontal, rear, side) and test conditions for protection against water. As an example, it is specified that no electrolyte or only a certain minimum amount (less than 7 %) may escape in the event of an impact.

Concerning the test conditions for protection against water, the vehicle manufacturer shall apply the test procedures described in Annex 3. Annex 3 requires the resistance to be less than 0.1Ω after each exposure while the vehicle is still wet. In addition, the insulation resistance test must be performed again after a 24-hour break and the insulation resistance requirements must be met.

The text of the standard can be consulted HERE.

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