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We provide innovative solutions for future mobility challenges.

Smart Traffic Management

We provide innovative solutions for future mobility challenges.

Traffic jams, noise and environmental pollution are just some of the problems known to negatively affect the quality of life. These problems can, however, be tackled by an efficient and intelligently engineered infrastructure. At this point we intervene and accompany out clientele, cities, municipalities and other authorities in the conceptualization, planning and realization  of intelligent traffic management. Through a combination of cloud, hardware and software solutions, smart traffic management systems enable both predictive as well as situationsensitive traffic routing. Utilizing sensor elements, cameras and cellular technologies to dynamically adapt control systems such as traffic lights, display boards and speed limits, these intelligent traffic systems can significantly increase traffic flow and thus road safety.

Our consulting services include:

  • Traffic data analysis: We analyse extensive traffic data to give you an accurate picture of the current traffic situation.
  • Traffic management systems: We develop and implement intelligent traffic management systems to optimize traffic flow and minimize congestion.
  • Public transport: We support the development of efficient public transport systems to promote the use of public transport.
  • Smart Parking: We help cities and companies implement intelligent parking solutions to reduce parking space searches.



Roman Benedetto, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Roman Benedetto

Gregor Schuh, Engagement Manager bei EFS Consulting

Gregor Schuh