EFS Consulting

We take a holistic view of the digitalisation of mobility and thereby create added value for our partners.

Smart Mobility

We support companies establishing all aspects of smart mobility.

At EFS, we approach smart mobility fundamentally by examining the field from various viewpoints. With this in mind, we strive to discover and grasp trends at an early stage and jointly engineer strategies for action with our customers. Our mission is to enrich people’s lives by implementing smart mobility solutions.

  • To achieve that goal, the following questions have been the foundation of our journey:
  • How can smart mobility systems provide the maximum utility for society in its entirety?
  • How can mobility be made sustainable through the use of technology to better meet the needs of the future?
  • In what ways will emerging technologies impact individuals, communities, businesses, and all other groups already struggling with traffic-related disadvantages?

As we answer these questions, we have found that our people-centric approach is the appropriate way to tackle future challenges. Indeed, our deep understanding of both people and their mobility enables us to cater specifically to the needs of our customers. As a result, we can be the one-stop solution for all mobility issues of the future.



Industry Insights

Tailored industry insights in the field of Smart Mobility for companies

Corporate Mobility

We make it possible to use the efficiency gains of Smart Mobility in your own everyday business.

Business Models

Empowering companies to incorporate Smart Mobility into their existing business portfolios

Mobility Transformation

We provide End-to-End electrification expertise

Smart Traffic Management

We provide innovative solutions for future mobility challenges.