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We provide End-to-End electrification expertise

Mobility Transformation

We provide End-to-End electrification expertise

The future of mobility is unthinkable without electromobility. To meet technological and ecological requirements, individual transport and public transport face the major challenge of making mobility fit for the future. This change must be considered holistically and requires a great deal of preparation and implementation effort, because in addition to the technical requirements, the legal requirements and the management of funding are also of great importance for shaping the transition. At EFS, we focus on the needs of all stakeholders and achieve results that inspire all sides.

Our consulting services include:

  • Electromobility strategy: We develop customized electromobility strategies that meet your business requirements.
  • Charging infrastructure: We advise you on planning and implementing the right charging infrastructure to facilitate the integration of EVs into your fleet.
  • Vehicle selection: We help you select the right electric vehicles for your fleet based on your requirements and driving profiles.
  • Support: We make sure that your extra effort is supported by the right support.
  • Operating cost optimization: We analyze your operating costs and identify potential savings by switching to EVs.
  • Sustainability Reporting: We support you in capturing and reporting on your sustainability performance related to the electrification of your fleet.



Roman Benedetto, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Roman Benedetto

Gregor Schuh, Engagement Manager bei EFS Consulting

Gregor Schuh