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Lead your testing organization into the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) age


Megatrends in the automotive industry pose a major challenge in the testing sector.

Decarbonatization, the progress in autonomous driving and the rise of V2X communication, present a major challenge to automotive OEMs and the entire supply chain in the testing domain.

EFS Consulting enables testing organizations to master this transformation and

  • achieve audit readiness
  • protect against litigation and
  • reduce the risk of product recalls.

Rethink your testing strategies and resources towards ZEV and autonomous driving.

The development of new software and hardware features for LEV/ZEV as well as the underlying changes to complex systems require new testing strategies, equipment, and know-how. OEMs must expand their testing capabilities and focus on the functional integration of software and hardware to cope with this challenge.

Enhance simulation-based testing to safe resources.

Testing fleets will become increasingly virtual to conduct validations with greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness. OEMs will thus have to develop and continuously improve simulation tools that accurately predict vehicle performance and characteristics.

Align your testing approach to new regulations and cybersecurity.

New homologation and safety requirements add new principles to the automotive development and validation process. Further, OEMs must master the principle of security-by-design to develop an organization that embeds cybersecurity into the value chain.


EFS Consulting as partner on this journey

Considering these far-reaching changes in the testing domain, OEMs require a holistic approach to realign their testing activities.

After an initial “health check”, EFS Consulting helps organizations in this endeavour by setting up a strategic roadmap to make testing fit for upcoming challenges. From our years of experience, we know these challenges along this journey and how to overcome them: whether it be in the organization, processes, and/or documentation.

In order to accelerate the transformation and keep the achieved results sustainable, we provide support to the day-to-day business. This support covers, among others:

  • estimating the need for necessary testing resources.
  • searching for joint validation potential in related projects and at the group level.
  • specifying validations under consideration of relevant norms, rules, and regulations (e. g. ISO 26262).
  • integrating project DVPs (Design Verification Plan) with the aim of minimizing the subsequent documentation effort.
  • deriving a utilization plan on the system and vehicle level under the criterion of an optimal use of resources.
  • maintaining full transparency over the validation progress.


Stefan Willminger, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Stefan Willminger