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Embrace modularity with the VariantPlanner.


Managing the complexity of modular product platforms with ease.

Many companies nowadays face the challenge of wanting to serve complex markets with very specific customer requirements while keeping the product simple and easy to manage. To achieve this, the products are split into modular parts that can be assembled into many different configurations, thus serving numerous use cases with a minimal set of parts. This leads to a lot of complexity in managing all the variations throughout the company, from sales through engineering to production. 

To tackle this challenge, we developed the VariantPlanner. It is the perfect tool for product definition and the planning of modular products with feature based documentation. It defines a proper and well-organized structure to plan the modularity of a product and verify its correctness. Companies report fewer errors, more collaboration between departments and saving resources by reducing the risk of redundant development. Furthermore, the VariantPlanner enables you to react faster to market changes by having a company-wide, unambiguous definition of the modularity and composability of the product. 

Embrace Modularity

Tap into the power and flexibility of thinking in modular structures and not redundantly redeveloping variations of a product. This takes away the pain of configuration-lifecycle management and has been repeatedly shown to lead to improvement throughout the whole value chain of a company.

Integration & Compatibility

The VariantPlanner is part of the system and upholds an add-on mindset. It integrates into different system landscapes and interoperates with various ERP-, PLM-, BoM-systems. Filling the gaps in your system landscape and enabling modularity to fully take its place.

Change Management & Verification

Manage changes with ease and clarity. With the VariantPlanner you can simulate the addition or removal of new features, feature groups, modules and restrictions without interfering with the live system. This enables you to calculate the effects of these changes in advance, facilitating informed decisions while verifying the buildability and consistency at every step.

Exclusivity & Industrialization

The built-in analytics will give you insights that matter. For example, which parts are needed to build all the configurations with a big engine? With the VariantPlanner, this is just the click of a Button. Furthermore, it can also analyze complexity drivers and find out which feature has the highest number of exclusive parts.

VariantPlanner is an incredibly efficient tool for variant planning. It really helps boost component development efficiency, shorten the development cycle, respond to market demands quicker, and increase transparency in data management. It's particularly useful for variant planning and management of complex parts, as it can save up to 80% of the time.
R&D manager at a leading HDT OEM in China

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