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BizDevOps is a mindset characterized by agile core values and shared responsibility. We create added value in cross-functional cooperation through our holistic approach.


The approach of the collaboration between business, development & operations is more than just a framework.

BizDevOps is a mindset characterized by agile core values and shared responsibility.

In organizations, contrary objectives of business, feature development and application operations can often cause conflicts. Following the general idea of BizDevOps, the goals and focus of business, feature development and application operations are united in a common vision.

The BizDevOps approach unites teams behind a common goal!

The BizDevOps approach

  • sets the focus on the joint success of the project
  • provides beneficial, stable software for users
  • reduces lead times before releases through early integration of operations
  • prioritizes topics clearly by a central backlog
  • reduces friction losses and costs by bundling tasks and responsibilities in cross-functional business, development, and operations teams
  • takes findings from operations directly into account for the further development process
  • provides an understanding of joint responsibility for all participants

The specific objectives of the teams bear conflict potential in the cooperation.

With BizDevOps, focus & goals are united in one vision. 


In the development of applications, the individual teams have different goals. They are focusing on:

  • create maximum value for the organization (business)
  • make new functions available as quickly as possible (development)
  • ensure stable, high-performance application (operation)

New functions usually lead to application extensions, which increase complexity and make operations more expensive.


Due to the lack of interaction between the three teams, this complexity leads to the following challenges, as an example:

  • Feature development and operations act detached from each other, resulting in bottlenecks in the preperation of releases.
  • there are no feedback loops between business, development and operations.
  • Bottlenecks lead to long waiting times for new functions.

Results are literally “thrown over the wall” by all teams and responsibility is handed over without cross-functional thinking.


A common vision unites the goals and focus of business, feature development and application operations. The focus is on:

  • a common vision
  • a common goal
  • a joint takeover/ acceptance of responsibility

A common understanding of the vision and goals enables cross-functional collaboration for a stable, valuable software for users.

We bring business, development & operations together.

Through our holistic view we create added value in cross-functional collaboration.

With years of experience and diverse expertise, we take on different roles in the BizDevOps model for our customers and set valuable impulses in the various phases. We act both actively in BizDevOps roles and as facilitators of the model. – Using appropriate methods, we enable Biz & Dev & Ops to communicate successfully.

We act as translators and bridge builders between the individual teams.


Bernhard Schreiner, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Bernhard Schreiner

Jürgen Leitner, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Jürgen Leitner

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