EFS Consulting

Irakli Dshandshgava

Engagement Manager

Irakli Dshandshgava, Engagement Manager bei EFS Consulting

Language Skills

  • German
  • English
  • Russian
Irakli Dshandshgava, Engagement Manager bei EFS Consulting


  • several years of professional experience in the field of logistics
  • with EFS Consulting since 2015
  • since 2022 Engagement Manager in the field of IT infrastructure and change management

Where to meet me away from work:

  • ¬†During a nice conversation with dear people, while wandering through the world or on a journey, near or far.

What moves me:

  • On warm sunny days: sport, culture and the desire to discover new things.
  • On cold rainy days: away from my couch – just my wife.

“The prospect of new horizons and goals arouses my curiosity. Working on complex tasks and interpersonal relationships with our customers spur me on. The opportunity to work with a heterogeneous team, to develop it and to enjoy the work at the same time are the reasons why I am here.”


Business Digitalization & IT Strategy
Business Digitalization & IT Strategy