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New whole vehicle certification regulation in China

CNCA-C11-01:2020: Compulsory Product Certification Implementation Rules for Automotive modifies the existing whole vehicle certification process in China 

Very recently, the Chinese State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) issued the CNCA-C11-01:2020: Compulsory Product Certification Implementation Rules for Automotive, which is an updated version of the main Chinese whole vehicle type approval regulation.  The law replaces the previous CNCA-C11-01-2014, specifies requirements for the whole vehicle approval and simplifies the certification process for automotive manufacturers. 

Under the new rules, automobile manufacturers with a valid CCC certificate for a vehicle would need to apply for a new CCC certificate when they set up a new plant or relocate. Within three months, the new plant should complete the factory inspection. It would also be possible for automobile manufacturers to apply for certification in advance. The certification authority could implement certification at the stage of conceptual design of the vehicle model to confirm whether the product conforms to the specifications. 

The new rules also clarify the responsibilities of all stakeholders to ensure the quality and safety of automobile products. Moreover, they take into consideration the recent transition to CCC self-declaration for several CCC relevant vehicle components. 

CNCA-C11-01:2020 also promotes the international integration of the certification system. It also requires the certification authorities to issue electronic CCC certificates in accordance with laws and regulations such as the Electronic Signature Law of the People ’s Republic of China, which optimizes the certification services. 

The full text of CNCA-C11-01:2020 is available under the following link 

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