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New Sustainability Index for Electrical and Electronical Equipment

The French government proposed a new decree in August to replace the current repairability index with a new sustainability index.

The index forms part of the broad French Anti-Waste and Circular Economy Law aims to combat waste and enhance a prolonged useful life of products.

Following the enactment of the AGEC (Anti-Gaspillage et pour l’Economie Circulaire) law in 2020, France has issued multiple additional regulations specifying different aspects of the circular economy scheme (see a previous insight with basic information here). In August 2023, the government has proposed a new decree to outline the calculation method of the thus newly created sustainability index.

The sustainability index consists of a score out of ten to inform consumers of the lifetime of electrical and electronic products. As such, it goes beyond the current repairability index and shall be calculated based on the following parameters:

  • a score out of 10 relating to the repairability of the equipment,
  • a score out of 10 relating to the reliability of the equipment,
  • where appropriate, a score out of 10 relating to software and hardware updates of the equipment

By taking into account reliability and upgradability criteria, the sustainability index aims to encourage consumers to make their products last by prioritising the purchase of more robust products, maintaining them more and repairing them once the product is broken or damaged. The information itself does not have to be provided on a label on the product itself but must be displayed at the point of sale, either on on-the-shelf displays in stores or on online sales websites.

The draft Decree is proposed to enter into force on 1 January 2024 and can be viewed HERE.

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