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Vehicle Type-Approval amendments in the UK

The UK Department of Transport has published a draft regarding amendments to the type approval for various types of vehicles. 

The draft  legislation covers road vehicles, motorcycles, agricultural vehicles, and engines for non-road mobile machinery. The draft is fully developed but not final yet. The amendments are primarily meant to correct legal deficiencies caused by Brexit. The functions previously exercised by the EU Commission will be brought under control of the UK government where appropriate. 

Primarily, a permanent type-approval scheme for passenger and goods vehicles and their trailers is introduced, which will replace the provisional scheme in place since January 1st 2021. This permanent scheme will be optional throughout a transition period which will last until 1st of July 2023, when the permanent scheme is becoming mandatory for new vehicle types.  

For motorcycles and agricultural vehicles, the provisional schemes, which were due to expire on the 31st of December 2022 will be extended to enable the continued supply of these products. These schemes will continue to function as they do now, with no changes to the technical requirements.  

For road vehicle trailers, components and engines for non-road mobile machinery, provisional schemes analogous to those for motorcycles and agricultural vehicles are proposed. 

Furthermore, there are some other transitional provisions for the continued use of approvals issued to EU regulations. 

Notably, the draft legislation does not change the technical requirements vehicles will have to meet to obtain approval.  

The full draft is accessible here. 

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