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Jamaica updates its standard for pneumatic tyres

The current technical standard shall be revised especially to introduce new testing methods.

With new requirements, the updated standard is to align with international trends.

The Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ) has issued a draft revision to its Jamaican Standard JS 244:2018 Specification for Pneumatic Tyres for Passenger Cars which will also supersede its predecessor. The standard specifies the designation, dimensions, load ratings and labelling requirements of metric-series tyres primarily intended for passenger cars.

With the revision, Jamaica aims to uphold international efforts of harmonisation. Test methods shall, consequently, be changed in the standard and its general requirements updated to ensure alignment with international legislation. Any unnecessary prescriptive elements shall be removed from the standard and continuously give details on labelling and consumer information requirements.

In scope of the standard are all passenger car tyres to be used in the local market including those arriving with imported new and used vehicles.

The draft is open for comments until 11 January 2024 and shall be adopted on 11 March 2025.

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