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New certification for tyres in Colombia

Colombia published a new draft regulation for pneumatic tyres

The Draft resolution of the Ministry of Transportation “By which the technical regulations applicable to pneumatic tires for self-powered vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, their installation processes, complementary systems and other provisions are issued” establishes the technical regulations applicable to new pneumatic tires.

It applies to motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers that circulate in the national territory, with the purpose of defending the legitimate objectives of the safety, health and life of the users, preventing or minimizing risks to the life and integrity of people, as well as preventing practices that may mislead the consumers.

Besides the technical requirements, the regulations establishes among others a procedure to assess the conformity of tyres as well as the equivalence with other international standards.

To find out more about the detailed content of the new regulation, do not hesitate to contact the EFS Product Compliance Team.

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